Whilst Club F.O.D has historically aimed to prevent Social Isolation within the LGBT+ community, our LGBT+ Befriending Service aims to reduce Social Isolation where it already exists.

We offer two types of service:

  • Tea-friending – A weekly or fortnightly visit to an individuals home
  • E-friending – A weekly or fortnightly phone call

Our services focus on:

  • Those who are LGBT+ and over 50 and are isolated and have Limited Social Connections
  • Those who are LGBT+ and housebound (no age restrictions) and have Limited Social Connections

We accept referrals from both statutory services as well as directly from people who think they would benefit from the service.

To make a referral, please complete the referral form below

About the Personal Making the Referral (if applicable)

About the Individual Requiring a Service

The Data Protection Act places obligations on collators of personal information and lays down principles for its use. One principle states that information has to be processed fairly and lawfully; this means that you are entitled to know how we intend to use any information you provide.
The following information about you will only be used to help us in assessing your requirements. It will help us to monitor our service and improve its quality. Personal details provided will not be given to anyone else unless it is necessary to do so to comply with the law or police investigations; however details may be given to (for example) our funders in the form of statistics, but not in any way which will identify you.
The information will be entered into our database and will be used in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.